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Meetings are held 7:30 a.m. Thursdays at Hotel Thayer

December 7, 2006


Today’s Greeter – Bill Higgins

Today’s Program -   Col. Jeanette McMahon - USMA, Prevention of Sexual Harassment & USMA Programs.

Last Week’s Program

Gary Klivens, a correctional Officer and authority on street gangs, gave an inside view of the workings of various street gangs operating in our society today. They operate using codes to transmit messages; use various colors and insignia for I.D. purposes. They are divided into various groups; ethnic, juvenile, etc. They engage in murder, larceny, and other felonious crimes. They are recognized by tattoos, hand signs, graffiti, self-admissions and group symbols. Codes are: Symbols, Example: The Rosetta Stone and a crown for the “Latin Kings.”


Interact is collecting cans of food for the Church of The Holy Innocents food bank. Items can be dropped in the food box at the H.S. Main office food box, brought to the next Rotary meeting, or brought to the Rotary Luncheon Holiday party on 12/14.


Our club is supporting “The Santa Project” again this year. Orange County Safe Homes has provided info on two families in need of our help. Please contact Steve Scott and/or Dave Monroe to determine which items you will donate to this worthy cause and will bring to the luncheon on the 14th of December.


Phil Brillante’s Safety Tip:

Beware of distracted drivers:  This includes but is not limited to; cell phone users; hair combers; lipstick smearers; newspaper/book readers; DUI (especially during the holiday season), nose blowers, snoozers, and all those incredible things some people do while driving!  Have a safe Yule!

Salvation Army Bell Ringing! –Dec.16 & 17th.

This will be from 10am to 4pm. Sign up for one hour on either of the dates above. Give your arm a workout ringing the bell!

Holy Innocents Thrift Shop will be operating every Thurs. 10 am to 1 pm.

The Holy Innocents food pantry, 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month.

Sacred Heart food pantry & Thrift Shop Open 10am – 2pm.

(Money will supplement food donations.)


Prez Jerry’s Pushcart - Jerry says:

“Your turkey’s gone, your buttons ‘r poppin’

     So buy a larger shoit; c’mon, get hoppin’.”

Sal & Annmarie Fiducia received their third posting to the club.


Visiting Rotarians & Guests

Steve Evans – Guest of Judy Ferguson

50/50Drawing November 30th

Jerry Sheehan – JOKER! (Jerry will donate winnings to the Soldier’s Fund.)

(What’s left in the pot? Hot beans!)


Happy Birthdays




Bill Stone, Dave Monroe, Curt Brewer, Phil Brillante, Gus Fishburne, Judy Ferguson, Kate Squicciarini, Roy Spells, Bill Higgins, Bobbie Fallon, John McLellan, Steve Scott, Jerry Sheehan,

Dave Weyant

Upcoming Programs

January 11 – BG Robert Caslin, USCC



Nov. 30, 2006 – 20 attendees - 50%

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