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December 21, 2006


Today’s Greeter - One of Santa’s Elves?

Today’s Program - Dedication of plaque to “The Walk of Fame”


Program - December 7th

Col. Jeanette McMahon, USMA, Prevention of Sexual Harassment and USMA (USCC) Programs. COL McMahon gave an interesting profile of problems encountered at the USMA. Her own biography, which was presented to yearlings, was an inspirational and forthcoming account of her life. Her husband, who was killed in Iraq last year, was, (and still is,) her biggest motivator.


The program last week was the annual Rotary Christmas Luncheon in the Thayer Hotel. Don Sagaria, Bob Wilson, Kate Squicciarini, Patty Steinmetz, Marge, and the rest of the Hotel’s staff provided a wonderful meal, with great beverages.  Dr. Philip Arbolino, School Superintendent for the Ft. Montgomery, Highland Falls School District appeared, accompanied by the High School Chorus, whose beautiful voices provided us with Christmas Carols. Club members donated gifts to the Orange County Safe Homes Organization, and other gifts were distributed via a raffle. All had a great time.


Phil Brillante’s Interact: James I. O’Neill HS

Interact is collecting cans of food for the Church of The Holy Innocents food bank. Items can be dropped in the food box at the H.S. Main office food box.  It’s not too late!

Phil Brillante’s Safety Tip: We all felt chilled after Phil’s tip! He emphasized that cold temperatures will be arriving, and the need to check wiper blades and winter fluids is here!

THINK SNOW!  Have a safe Yule!


Salvation Army Bell Ringing! Dec.16 & 17th

I tell by the way their arms were swingin’

That the bell those Rotarians were ringin’

Was drawing donors for the Salvation Army,

In their Yule drive, in weather quite balmy!


Holy Innocents Thrift Shop will be operating every Thurs. 10 am to 1 pm. 

The Holy Innocents food pantry, 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month.

Sacred Heart food pantry & Thrift Shop. Open 10am – 2pm.

(Money will supplement food donations.)


Prez Jerry’s Pushcart - Jerry says:

“In order to beat the shopping crush

Order a shoit, then you’ve no need to rush!”


Update on What’s  Doing ‘round Rotary!

Sal & Annemarie Feducia were inducted into the club om Dec. 7th!



Curt Brewer – 3 Diamonds.



Farrell Patrick, John McLellan, Jerry Sheehan, Cathy Kelly, Ben Birillo, Dave Monroe, Sal Feducia, Judy Ferguson, Roy Spells, Kate Squicciarini, Steve Scott, Curt Brewer, Kent Cassella, Bobbie Fallon, Bill Stone, Dave Weyant.


Upcoming Programs

January 04 – Nancy Proyect, O.C. Citizens Foundation, Sugar Loaf

January 11 – BG Robert Caslen, USCC



Dec. 7, 2006 – 20 attendees - 50%

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