February 05, 2009  

                   Thayer Hotel   

              West Point, New York

                Thursday, 7:30 am


Today’s Greeter   To Be Announced  

Today’s Prayer    -  To Be Announced

Today’s Program –  ?




Last Week’ Meeting

Sandi Jeanette, Community Liaison of the Cardiovascular Institute, Good Samaritan Hospital spoke on “Childhood Obesity”, and the complications that can arise from this condition, such as heart disease. She emphasized nutrition as a most important prevention to obesity and its detrimental effects on youth. Jeanette passed out some wonderful information on this subject and which can be very beneficial to all. Incidentally, Jeanette is a fellow Rotarian, belonging to the New City, N.Y. club. Thank’s for your great program, Jeanette!


Pres. John again mentioned the upcoming bus trip to the Philadelphia Flower show on March 3rd. John’s wife Angela is working with Shirley Bonsell on this event. See Shirley for tickets now. $60.00 per & goin’ fast!

Pres. John said that 85 dictionaries were provided to the West Point Elementary school. (The school Principal will be attending a meeting in the near future.)

Presidents Meeting - Once again Buddy Blackman  reports that the “group study” group from India will arrive in May. He further revealed that Next year’s group will be from Taiwan. (Good work, Buddy!)

(Oh – Buddy also reports that the District web site is being re-vamped. (Sorry)

President John also alerted everyone again to the upcoming Theatre event, which will be “Hair Spray”. More on this will come.

Last but not least, Will Plumly will be reporting on O.C. Leadership in the near future.


Katherine’s Safety Tip.  Katherine Beekman

said that we all should heed the danger of icy roads and walks. If you have to walk, walk in the snow. It provides some relief over ice!




Shoits, etc..

          Jerry’s Pushcart – Jerry Says:                              “Oh no – not more snow and ice? -

     To tell the truth, it’s not very nice!”


   The Holy Innocents food pantry, 2nd & 4th

     Wednesday of the month. Sacred Heart

     Food 10am – 2pm. (Money will

     supplement food donations.)


             Visiting Rotarians -Guests

   Sandy Jeanette, New City, NY club.     

  George Kamkopf – Upcoming member.


“Gee whiskers,



                 50/50 Drawing, 01/29 

      Gus Fishburne – 9 of Hearts.                          


                  Happy Birthdays -



                    Brags: January 29, 2009

                    Bill Stone, Bill Higgins, Katherine Beekman, Jon Blanc, Gus Fishburne, “Charlie” Murphy, George Kamkopf, Buddy Blackman, Jerry Sheehan, Harold Spaeth, Sandy Jeanette, Roy Spells, John McLellan, & Dave Wetant.


                        Upcoming Programs

                           To be announced           

                Attendance –  January 29, 2009

                             Attendees – 15






I’m Shocked! – Shocked! – To find out that this

Coming Sunday February 8th is Shirley and John

Bonsell’s 48th Wedding Anniversary! I thought that they both were just a little more than teenagers! Let’s wish them both a Happy Anniversary, and to keep the party going!

                      Hip Hip Hooray!