Rotary Club of West Point-Highland Falls, NY

Meetings are held 7:30 a.m. Thursdays at Hotel Thayer

February 17, 2005


Today’s Greeter  Phil Brillante

Today’s Prayer Bearer – Harold Spaeth

Today’s Program  Business Meeting.                                                                                                           


Rotary Last Week – February 10th

Was it the “Pony Express”? – No, it was the “Internet! Express”.  Our own member Diane Cole rode into the meeting with the latest innovations in the U.S. Mail Service. There are many ways of mailing, packages, etc. beside the “Pony Express”. Diane is the Postmaster in the Ft. Montgomery Post Office. (Mail your Valentine card yet?)  (Uh oh! – trouble!)

Wed. Feb. 23 is the 100th anniversary of Rotary Intl. Please joins us at noon in the main dining room at the Thayer. This moment will be celebrated worldwide!

Phil Brillante – Cautioned all to be alert re: home safety, particularly in proper lighting, non-skid carpeting, etc. Prevent injuries!!!

The Holy Innocents Church thrift shop will be operating every Thurs. 10 am to 1 pm.  The Holy Innocents food pantry, 2nd & 4th Wednesday of month.  Sacred Heart Thrift Shop

open 10am – 2pm; (4:30 Thursdays.)

Dinner Theatre – “Crazy For You” April 17th at 2 pm Theatre, then dinner in the ballroom 5 pm - $80.00 per.  You’ll be crazy to miss this event! Turn in your sign up sheet A.S.A.P.

Wanna be a wiseguy? – No? – well read this:

Don Sagaria announced that “Artie & Charmaine Bucco” of The Sopranos”: HBO TV show will be at the Hotel Thayer on Sunday, March 13th from 5:00 to 8:00pm. Enjoy dinner with them for $95.00 per. Spend the night at the Hotel & enjoy breakfast for two for $333.00. (Bring your own brass knuckles).


Jerry Sheehan’s Pushcart: - (Profits to Club)

 As Jerry once more wheels out his cart,

    His warm words grab you by the heart -

 Need a jacket with the club Logo?

    Or a shirt to wear to the dinner show?

Ben’s scarfs sure are a real big seller;

     (She’ll love you for being a caring’ fell‘a)


Club Postings



Visiting Rotarians




Don Jaroszewski  - (Curt Brewer)                               


Other Clubs’ Activities

Walden Rotary Club – Presenting “Echoes of Ireland” March 5, 2005 at 7:30 pm. It features “Dublin’s Traditional Irish Cabaret”.  Paramount Theatre, Middletown.             

Goshen Annual 250 Club – Dinner, Dance, & Raffle. March 19, 2005, 7:00 pm, John S. Burke H.S. $75.00 (You and a guest.)

District 7210 48th Ann. Conference – May 13-14-15 at Villa Roma Resort. (See flyer)


50/50 Drawing – February 10th

Phil Brillante – 9 of hearts.

(And the pot is still building with $274.00!)

Ps - 20 cards are left in the deck!






Diane Cole, Phil Brillante, Dave Monroe, Harold Spaeth, Cathy Kelly, Kate Squicciarini, Brian Crawford, Gus Fishburne, Jack Emmer, Don Sagaria, Ren Wallen, John McLellan,

Geoff Louis, Tom Buning, Roy Spells, Ron Salvatore & Steve Scott.               


Club Attendance Statistics

Membership – 50

February 10 attendance – 28

February attendance - 56%


Upcoming Programs

Feb. 24 – COL Cindy Jebb, Soc. Sciences

Mar. 3 – “Woody” Held – Languages

Mar. 10 – TBD

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