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January 8, 2004


Notable Date in Automotive History

1944 – William K. Vanderbilt dies -

William Vanderbilt, a great patron of early

Automobile racing who is said to have maintained a personal garage of more than 100 cars and 20 mechanics, died in New York City at the age of 65 yrs. He was the first American to

enter the land speed record book when he averaged 76.086 m.p.h. In 1904 he staged the first “Vanderbilt Cup” race.


Today’s greeter – ?????

Today’s Prayer Bearer – Ren Wallen

Today’s Program – Business Meeting. ?


Rotary Last Week   

Let’s jump back ‘till  the December 4th  meeting,  which welcomed all back from their Thanksgiving holiday,, and was a precursor for the upcoming Christmas and News Year’s celebrations”.  (Which are now history). December 11th was the annual  Holiday luncheon at the Thayer, and the meeting on the 18th was an executive session ( Hope all had a happy holiday season.) Now we’re back on course as we tiptoe into 2004.


 Looking Ahead -  Dinner theatre  April 27th 2004 – “The Sound of Music”.


 Visiting Rotarians

 Doris Obremski from the Goshen Club, District Governor (2005-2006) Discussed

Allocation of funds. She will recommend

$12,500,00 to have 3 – 6 months in developing countries.                             


Club Postings






50/50 Winner – Dec. 4th

Curt Brewer – 6 of hearts.

The Pot now contains $852.00

There are five cards plus the

Joker left.



Geoff Lewis – December 21,  2003

Anne Lennox - December 28, 2003

Ben Birillo – December 31, 2003 and

Gene Boleslawski - January 2, 2004.

(He missed the boat on being a New Year’s Baby!)   (Hope this brings things up to date.)                                                 


This Weeks Brags  12/04/03

Cathy Kelly, Josh Brewer, Steve Scott, Phil Brillante, Dave Monroe, Anne Lennox, Farrel Patrick,  Ann Horn, Harold Brillante, , Celia Solomon, Doris Obremski,  Bob Wilson,

Ren Wallen,  Mike Moss, Harold Spaeth, Brian Andreichuk, and Bill Stone


Club Attendance Statistics

Membership - 49

December 4th attendance –

November 2003 attendance- 64%

(Note: the figures remain the same for  11/20.)


Special Notes Of Interest

Fruit Sale – Bill Stone submitted his excellent report on the fruit sale, which netted a $4046.00 profit. Kudos to all concerned, Bill.

Christmas Raffle –There were many tickets sold and three prize winners had more dollars in their pockets after the drawing. 

Rotary Bell Ringers for Salvation Army.   This went well. Full report on funds raised forthcoming.

Roy SpellsOur club has agreed to join with the Town on the “Park” project.

Phoenecia Club – Sunday February 8th – Sponsoring a “Winter’s weekend in the Catskills)

Our club will also contribute to the Rotary float in the Rose Bowl parade.

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