Rotary Club of West Point-Highland Falls, NY

Meetings are held 7:30 a.m. Thursdays at Hotel Thayer

January 15, 2004


Notable Poetical Quote:

“The essence of friendship is entireness, a total magnanimity and trust”.


 (He must have been aware of the 4 way test)


Today’s greeter – Jim Donnelly

Today’s Prayer Bearer - ????

Today’s Program – Col. Barney Forsythe,

Discusses U.S.M.A. West Point’s role in Afghanistan’s Academy


Rotary Last Week   

Last weeks meeting was a business meeting during which many items were discussed. The man with his palm outstretched was our own dues collecting Dave Weyant, reminding all that dues are due!   He also informed the membership that a total of $681.00 was collected for the Salvation Army at the annual “bell ringing” event. Quasimodo of Notre Dame fame couldn’t have done better!       

Gerry Sheehan reports that the Rotary shirts are in. He has extras if you’re interested.

Food Pantry – Members are urged to bring in dry goods to the February meetings in support of the food pantry program. Millie Ulrich will have this appear on channel 23.


Next Board Meeting – January 21st.

Looking Ahead -  Next Fund Raiser - Dinner theatre  April 27th 2004 – “The Sound of Music”.


Visiting Rotarians



Club Postings






50/50 Winner – January 8th         

Mike Moss – 2 of diamonds

The Pot now contains $912.00

There are four cards plus the Joker left.



Mike Beckstrom – January 16th                                                 


This Weeks Brags  12/04/03         

Kurt Brewer, Phil Brillante, Shirley Bonsell, Mike Moss, Brian Andreichuk, Dave Monroe, Millie Ulrich, Farrell Patrick, Geoff Louis, Bill Stone, Dave Weyant, Cathy Kelly,

Jack Emmer, Roy Spells, Ren Wallen and Don Sagaria.


Club Attendance Statistics                                                    

Membership - 47

January 8th attendance – 32

2004 attendance- 70%


Special Notes Of Interest

Roy SpellsOur club has agreed to join with the Town on the “Park” project.

Phoenecia Club – Sunday February 8th – Sponsoring a “Winter’s weekend in the Catskills)

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