Rotary Club of West Point-Highland Falls, NY

Meetings are held 7:30a.m. Thursdays at Hotel Thayer

January 16, 2003


Today's Greeter                Phillip Brillante 

Today's Prayer Bearer      Ann Horner          

Today's Program              Mr. Bob Jones Management Agronomist, USMA DHPW Environmental Office


Rotary Last Week

 The speaker was COL Casey Wardynski, Director of the Office of Economics and Manpower Analysis who provided us with a great deal of insight about how the America’s Army Gaming Project was developed with the help of cadets, USMA staff, and the Navy.  COL Wardynski said that the state-of-art web based program is a multi and single player program which provides users the opportunity to “virtually experience soldiering”.  More changes are being programmed, who knows what the next iteration will be like.



Audy Moree.



5 of Hearts - Vince Lindenmeyer                                                       



Bobbie Applegate, Harold Spaeth, Dave Weyant, Cecilia Solomon, Brian, Steve Scott, Ann Horner, Curt Brewer, Dave Monroe, Phil Brillante, Cathy  Kelly, Woody Held, Ron Salvatore, Bill Stone, Farrell Patrick, Mike Moss Ren Wallen


Rotary Future Programs

Next Rotary Club business meeting is January 23, 2003


Greeter Scheduling

Curt still has a couple of openings on the 2003 Greeters List, please see him and schedule your date(s)!



16 January  -   Mike Beckstrom

29 January -  Farrell Patrick


Club Attendance Statistics

Membership                             52

 January 9, 2003 attendance       30

December 2002 Attendance      48%


Special Note

Dave Weyant wishes to thank the Holiday Bell Ringers for their help in raising a total of $568.00 for local Salvation Army efforts.


Rotary Club Board Meeting,

4:30 pm Wednesday, January 22, 2003, West Point Museum.  Please use the front entrance door.


Club member need to visit the Highland Falls Library and see fruits of our effort in providing the community with large screen television and computer generated presentation capability.


Quarterly dues is do, please provide your check to Dave Weyant.


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