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January 23, 2003


Today's Greeter Woody Held

Today's Prayer Bearer Shirley Bonsell

Today's Program Business Meeting

Rotary Last Week

Bob Jones an agronomist at West Point provided information about three tree trails on the Academy grounds (Trophy Point, the West Point Cemetery, and the Central Area). Bob has been at West Point for 29 years and during this time developed a wealth of knowledge about the many different species of trees on the grounds. He noted that many of the trees had been donated over the years and some came from different parts of the world. Fortunately they survive because they have acclimated to the environment and received periodic care and management from Bob.


We were treated with a booklet titled Trees of the West Point Cemetery, a self guided walking tour worth taking.


The audience was also informed about the West Points inventory of trees how it was developed and their marking with numbered metal tags.





J of Spades Cathy Kelly


Judy Ferguson, Vince Lindenmyer, Cecilia Solomon, Harold Spaeth, Dave Weyant, Cathy Kelly, Ben Birillo, Jack Emmer, Josh Brewer, Curt Brewer, Phil Brillante, Ann Horner, Gus Fishburne, and Farrell Patrick.


Greeter Schedule

30 January 2003 - Steve Scott

6 February 2003 - Woody Held

13 February 2003 - Todd Browne

20 February 2003 - Todd Browne

27 February 2003 - Pat Kane



29 January - Farrell Patrick

9 February - Harold Spaeth

13 February - Tom Endres


Club Attendance Statistics

Membership 52

January 16, 2003 attendance 32

December 2002 Attendance 48%


Special Note

Quarterly dues is do, please provide your check to Dave Weyant.


Club member need to visit the Highland Falls Library and see fruits of our effort in providing the community with large screen television and computer generated presentation capability.

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