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January 30, 2003


Today's Greeter                Steve Scott

Today's Prayer Bearer      Robin Banta

Today's Program              Business Meeting


Rotary Last Week

 Mr. James (Jim) Beemer a Fish and Wildlife Biologist in Department of Housing and Public Works Natural Resource Office fascinated all present about the Bald Eagle Haliaetus leucocephalus, of the United States and Canada.


The Bald Eagle winters in the West Point area and also Delaware River area.  At West Point your can observe the magnificent bird this time of year during the day from 9:00 am through 3:00 pm from North Dock behind Eisenhower Hall.  You might also view the eagles at night looking south toward the Bear Mountain Bridge at South Island Overlook or the ridge above James I. O’ Neill High School. The eagle’s nest is said to reach 8 ft x 8 ft and could weight about 800 lbs.  The eagles migrate South from Canada as the cold moves North and come the West Point area to enjoy the many species of fish in the Hudson River.  Hope you get to see the eagles as they hover gracefully overhead.


In addition our Club President Michael Moss provided attendee with the proposed slate of new officers.





3 of Spades - Jack Emmer



Woody Held, Cathy Kelly, Harold Spaeth, Phillip Brillante, Ann Horner, Shirley Bonsell, Adam Nogrady, Cecilia Solomon, David Weyant, Michael Moss, Todd Browne, Gus Fishburne, Ron Salvatore, and Steve Klegka.


Greeter Schedule

30 January 2003 - Steve Scott

6 February 2003 - Woody Held

13 February 2003 - Todd Browne

20 February 2003 - Todd Browne

27 February 2003 - Pat Kane                   



29 January   - Farrell Patrick

9 February - Harold Spaeth

13 February - Tom Endres 


Club Attendance Statistics

Membership                                                                   50

January 23, 2003 meeting attendance                  25 

Percentage attending meeting last week                 50%

December 2002 Attendance                                        48%


Special Notes

Quarterly dues is do, please provide your check to Dave Weyant.


The West Point Women’s Club a fellow community volunteer group invites you to join them for Las Vegas Night, Friday, February 28, 2003 at 7:00 PM,  Hotel Thayer they need your support.  $10.00 pre-sale now or $12.00 at the door.  Contact Lyn Eagen at 446-1099 or Julie Horton at 446-2927.


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