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July 3, 2003


Today's Greeter                       

Today's Prayer Bearer -  Ann Horner                

Today's Program                   


Rotary Last Week-Business Meeting-New Club Officers

 (Cathy Kelly was seated as the 27th President of the club. She emphasized that the theme of Rotary is “Lending a Hand!)



To the outgoing board; we give you thanks

   For a job well done (‘midst some laughs and pranks)  Our Rotary ship held an even keel

     With President Moss there at the wheel!

He weathered the gales of the 4 Way Test 

     And proved that our club is the best of the best!


 To the incoming board we offer our prayers

      That The Lord will assist you as you occupy  your chairs.

 The slates been completed

       Cathy  Kelly’s at the helm ,

  And we’re ‘as one’ behind her

       As she leads the new realm!



Gerald B. Sheehan   -  2nd  Posting

Bob Wilson  -  2nd  Posting



Dave Weyant  -  nine of clubs.

The pot continues grow with your support.


Last Weeks Brags

Brian Andreichuk, Cathy Kelly, Richard Cortell, Phillip Brilliante, Dave Monroe, Bobbie Fallon, Gus Fishburne, Curt Brewer, Shirley Bonsell, Harold Spaeth, Bob Wilson, Mike Moss,

Gerald Sheehan, Bill Higgins, Millie Ullrich, Geoff Lewis, Steve Scott, Ren Wallen, Ann Horner, Roy Spells, Judy Ferguson, Jim Whaley and Dave Weyant.



Ren Wallen              24 June


Club Attendance Statistics

Membership                                      46


June 19, 2003 Attendance               23 %


May 2003 Attendance                      51.4 %


Special Notes of Interest and Thanks


Rotary Fishing Trip

Phillip Brillante is the Chairperson for an enjoyable fishing trip aboard the 50 foot Eagle, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Wednesday, July 23, 2003.  The Eagle will depart from Atlantic Highland, NJ for fishing the Sandy Hook Area of New Jersey.

To make reservation call Phillip at (845)  938 - 4550 or Harold Spaeth at (908)  687 - 9595.


Citrus Fruit Sale

Phillip Brillante also gave a ‘heads up’ on the citrus fruit program: A committee will be installed to contact the various clubs. We no longer will have a truck, and one single focal point will be selected for distributing the fruit. No date set as yet.


   Rotary Boat Ride

Gus Fishburne alerted all to the annual Rotary boat ride which take place Sunday, August 24. Boat leaves the South Dock at 6pm.


El Salvador

Experience an amazing month in El Salvador as part of the Rotary Group Study Exchange Team.  To obtain up to date information Contact Walter Y. Root-Chairman GSE for Rotary District 7210 at (945) 497-7010 or email:


District 7210 Conference

September 19,20, and 21 September 2003 at the Hudson Valley Resort and Spa. Kerhonkson, NY

Celebrate the beginning of the 2003/2004 Rotary Year with District Governor Knut Johnson.

Reservation Deadline is August 19, 2003




Effective Wednesday, April 2, 2003 Washingtonville/Blooming Grove Rotary Club will meet at the Riverside Grill Restaurant in Washingtonville.

Please make note - it is local Rotary Club where you can make up a Rotary Club meeting in the evening.


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