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Meetings are held 7:30 a.m. Thursdays at Hotel Thayer

July 6, 2005


Today’s Greeter

Today’s Prayer Bearer – Judy Ferguson

Today’s Program – New Pres. Jerry Sheehan Gives a breakdown on Rotary


Last Week’s Program

Backstepping slightly, the week before last June 22, Kathy Wenner and Judy Ferguson confounded us with a mystery: “Was the Sun rising or setting in the stained glass art on the window at Holy Innocents Church?” A great meeting was held on site at the Church, where historic artistic works are on display. The mystery of the sun rising or setting in this magnificent window still remains, however! Solve this one and we’ll really put you to the test, “The Riddle of the Sphinx!”


Boat Ride – Sunday August 27. Gus ‘Skipper’ Fishburne disclosed that the annual boat ride will occur on this date. Everyone should get his or her “sea legs” in order.

Installation! – Jumping back in step, Wednesday, June 28 we held our annual Installation of club officers. This occurred in the Highlands Room of the Thayer Hotel. The cost was $12.50 per person. There was a fresh Crudite & Cheese display, fresh vegetables and dip, fresh fruit & assorted crackers. Beverages consisted of Champagne, Red & White Wine, assorted sodas & bottled water, which all attendee’s enjoyed!

Phil Brillante’s weekly safety tip was a good tip for all in preventing fires in your home garage. Most persons have extra gasoline on hand for various reasons; lawn mowers, etc. Make sure an approved container is used and the gas can is properly stowed away. A great safety reminder, Phil!                                              

Walk of Fame – Still walking.. It is still undetermined at this writing as to where our sign will be placed.


Holy Innocents Thrift Shop.  will be operating every Thurs. 10 am to 1 pm. 

The Holy Innocents food pantry, 2nd & 4th Wednesday of month.

Sacred Heart Thrift Shop open 10am – 2pm; (4:30 Thursdays.)


Other Club’s Activities

Kingston Rotary Club – Will be celebrating its 90th year as a club on Friday, July 7, 2006 at the Wiltwick Country Club, Kingston, N.Y. They will also install new officers at this event.

(That’s Tomorrow!)


Prez Jerry’s Pushcart - Jerry says:

“My job selling jackets & shoits goes on,”

I’ve some with me – care to try one on?”





50/50 Drawing June 22, 2006

No 50/50 drawing.

“And the pot shrunk & shrunk!!


Happy Birthdays

July 12 – Judy Ferguson & Cecilia Solomon!

“1 year’s gone by, there’s the spotlight again:

Should we fine them five or maybe Ten?”


Brags ( June 22, 2006)

Curt Brewer, John McLellan, Angela McLellan, Bobbie Fallon, John Sagaria, Dave Monroe, Roy Spells, Farrell Patrick, Cathy Kelly, Steve Scott, Jerry Sheehan, Gus Fishburne, Harold Spaeth, Bill Stone, Ben Birillo, Bill Higgins


Upcoming Programs

July 13 – Carol Ash – Exec Dir. PIPC.

July 20 – Business meeting

July 27 – Lisa Taylor Rose – House People, Inc


Upcoming Prayer Bearers

To be announced

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