Rotary Club of West Point-Highland Falls, NY

Meetings are held 7:30 a.m. Thursdays at Hotel Thayer

July 15, 2004


Today’s Greeter – Judy Ferguson

Today’s Prayer Bearer – Jim Donnelly

Today’s Program –Ross Bartholomew Salvation Army.


Notable July In History! – Rotary

1976 – The West Point/Highland Falls Rotary Club received its bi-centennial charter on July 4th, and the first Board of Directors meeting was held on July 20 at Spellman Hall, Ladycliff College.  Preceding the meeting, the new officers were dinner guests of President Dave Heister, and the officers were: Gene Boleslowski, Vice Pres.; Don Stewart, Sec’y; Carl Ripley, Treasurer; Alex Streck, Sgt.-at-Arms, and Joe Rogers, Ken DeWitt and Ed Hughes, Directors. The club was off and rolling!


Rotary Last Week                    

Trish Hannigan and Nancy Koslovski from “Big Brothers and Big Sisters” gave a moving dialogue on the history of the organization, which turns 100 yrs. this year. In 1978, Big

Brothers combined with Big Sisters, into the present format. The speakers thanked this club for their help and support in helping children to be successful in life. The “Mobile Health Van” will be available July 26th for “Renegades Night”


Rotarian Ann Horner – has been re-assigned on Post and now is with the U.S.C.C. A New Garrison Cmdr. is taking her old post.


Presidents meeting – Will be held on Monday, July 12 at 6 p.m. at the Steak & Stein.


Next Board meeting - Will be on July 21st At 4:30 p.m. at the Highland Falls Library.


Ben Birillo has designed and donated a patriotic “Statue Of Liberty” scarf to the club. See Gerry Sheehan if your interested in obtaining one.  (Proceeds to the club.)                            


Dave Monroe – Mentioned a Community fair on Thursday, July 29th. He’ll be introducing guest speaker.


Boat Ride - Gus Fishburne announced the date of the annual boat ride, which is 6 p.m. Aug 29 at $20.00 per. (The week before Labor Day).

Excellent menu! Get payments in by Aug. 21.


New Members - 0


Visiting Rotarians – 0


Club Postings 

1st  Mike Herman   -   1st  Diana Cole



Charles Weyant, former club member, and father of Dave Weyant, our faithful treasurer!  (Oh yes, that reminds me – dues are due!)


50/50 Drawing July 8

Diana Cole, Jack of Hearts The pot is now???



 7/17 Todd Browne, July 17th.

“It’s Todd’s birthday, a day of renown,

 So let’s sing happy birthday, then hit the town!”


Brags, July 8th

Kathy Squicciarini, Cathy Kelly, “Woody” Held, Gus Fishburne, Bill Stone, Al Fox, Harold Spaeth, Curt Brewer, Jack Emer, Phil Brillante, Charlie Weyant, Dave Monroe, Roy Spells,

Nancy Koslowski, Anne Lennox, and Dave Weyant.


Club Attendance Statistics                                      

Membership - 51

July 8 attendance –

June attendance- 43%


Upcoming Programs

July 22 – Jeff Rohrlick – Center for teaching excellence.

July 29 – Business Meeting

Aug. 5   - Mike Moss, West Point Museum (On site)

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