Rotary Club of West Point-Highland Falls, NY

Meetings are held 7:30 a.m. Thursdays at Hotel Thayer

July 22, 2004


Today’s Greeter – Cecelia Solomon

Today’s Prayer Bearer –Ren Wallen

Today’s Program –Jeff Rohrlick – Center for Teaching Excellence.


Notable July 22 In History! –                 

1849 – Emma Lazarus was born in New York City. A renowned poet, she is best known for her sonnet “The New Colossus” (1883) which is inscribed in a room at the Base of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. It begins: ‘Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free’.


Rotary Last Week                    

Russ Bartholomew of the Salvation Army gave an interesting insight of the good works of that organization, from providing toys to tots at Christmas to sending needy children to summer camp at no charge. ($25 for an adult) They also contribute to nursing homes. The Salvation Army band is also a very active part of the group, providing music when necessary. 


Sad Note - President Roy informed the membership of the passing of Rotarian Pat Flynn’s father John, in Carlyle, PA. Service was held on Friday, July 16th in Carlyle.       


Next Board meetingWill be on July 21st At 4:30 p.m. at the Highland Falls Library.


Dave Monroe – Again noted there will be a Community fair on Thursday, July 29th. He’ll be introducing the guest speaker. (Volunteers needed for the food table.)


Boat Ride: Gus Fishburne reminded all that the date and time of the annual boat ride is 6 p.m. Aug 29 at $20.00 per. (The week before Labor Day). Excellent menu! Get payments in by

Aug. 21.                                                    


1st Annual Picnic of Rotary District 7210

Sorry to announce that the picnic has been cancelled. Put away your umbrellas, chairs, sunscreen and mugs. Oh well…


Ben Birillo has designed and donated a patriotic “Statue Of Liberty” scarf to the club. See Gerry Sheehan if you’re interested in obtaining one.  (Proceeds to the club.)


Phil Brillante gave a heads up on his fishing trip in September. More on this will be forthcoming.


Club Postings  -

2nd - Diana Cole -Sponsor- Mike Herman

1st  - Bryan Crawford –Sponsor- Ann Horner (New Garrison Cmdr.)



Bryan Crawford – guest of Ann Horner.


50/50 Drawing July 15

Ann Horner – Seven Of Clubs.

(The pot is steadily building!)



Kevin D’Onofrio – July 25th.

 “Happy birthday to you Kevin,

May your future birthdays total 15x7.”


Brags, July 15th

Cathy Kelly, Phil Brillante, Gus Fishburne, Curt Brewer, Josh Brewer, Dave Weyant, Dave Monroe, Roy Spells, Jim Donnelly, Brian Andreichuk, John Klegka, Harold Spaeth,

Kate Squicciarini, Jerry Sheehan, Mike Moss, Diana Cole, Ann Horner, Bill Stone & Bill Higgins.      


Club Attendance Statistics                                      

Membership - 51

July 15 attendance – 22

July attendance- 47%


Upcoming Programs

July 29 – Business Meeting


Aug. 5   - Mike Moss, West Point Museum. (On site)


Aug. 12 – To be determined

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