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Meetings are held 7:30 a.m. Thursdays at Hotel Thayer

June 8, 2005


Today’s Greeter

Today’s Prayer Bearer

Today’s Program – Jason Lynch – MTBE – Groundwater Contamination Issues


Last Weeks Program

Kevin Devlin, a Lt. with the Wackenhut Corp., and assigned at West Point as part of the civilian security force, replacing the Military Police for        active duty elsewhere, gave an interesting breakdown of duties entrusted to Wackenhut. When coming on post, especially without photo I.D., security persons at the gates will challenge you. If all is o.k. you will be directed to proceed. If not, further investigation will occur, including the actions of the Provost Marshall’s detail, or the local police, if necessary. An interesting, Informative Program!   

Phil Brillante’s weekly safety tip concerned protecting your eyes during the summer months when doing gardening and other chores while at home. He advised the use of protective glasses called P.P.E., when cutting grass, etc. They will prevent small stones from striking you in the eyes.

John McLellan, upcoming V.P. is preparing a list of guest speakers for the coming Rotary year. Anyone who has someone of interest to speak, please see John.

Walk of Fame – This project progresses. It is still undetermined where the sign will be placed.

Holy Innocents Thrift Shop will be operating every Thurs. 10 am to 1 pm.

The Holy Innocents food pantry, 2nd & 4th Wednesday of month.

Sacred Heart Thrift Shop open 10am – 2pm; (4:30 Thursdays.)

Rev. Judy Ferguson also announced an upcoming concert series; plays, Musicals, etc.


Other Clubs Activities

Kingston Rotary Club – Will be celebrating its 90th year as a club on Friday, July 7, 2006 at the Wiltwick Country Club, Kingston, N.Y. They will also install new officers at this event.


Jerry Sheehan’s Pushcart - Jerry says:

 “Time is passing, so buy a shoit NOW,

   And at the beach you’ll get a big WOW!”





50/50 Drawing June 1, 2006

Marge  - 6 of clubs

“And the pot grows & grows!

How much? – No one knows!”


Happy Birthdays



Brags (June 1, 2006)

Cathy Kelly, Farrell Patrick, Ren Wallen, Dave Monroe, Cecelia Solomon, Roy Spells, Kate Squicciarini, Curt Brewer, Vince McDermott, Phil Brillante, Jerry Sheehan, Bill Stone, Bill Higgins


Upcoming Programs

June 15 – Business Meeting

June 22 –

June 28 – Installation of Officers                                   

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