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Meetings are held 7:30 a.m. Thursdays at Hotel Thayer

June 17, 2004


Today’s Greeter – Ren Wallen

Today’s Prayer Bearer – Jim Whaley

Today’s Program – Business Meeting


Notable June 17th in History

1986 – Kate Smith dies at age 79.

She was one of America’s most successful singers during the 20s, 30s, and 40s. She had her own radio show and is remembered for her renditions of “God Bless America” and her theme song: “When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain”. She launched the careers of Abbott & Costello, who appeared regularly on her show. She appeared in several films, including “This is the Army”, with Ronald Reagan. (1943)


Rotary Last Week                        

Coach Bobby Ross, Army Football, addressed the club with a moving history of his career, in which he revealed that his dad lost out on attending West Point because of the great depression. He described early players such as “hot rod Hundley; Bill Walton (Pittsburg Stealers baseball) John Kemp, football. His themes are: be competitive, play hard and be positive.


Visiting Rotarians



Club Postings                              

1st. Kate Scucciarini                                                                   

1st. Mike Herman – (Cathy Kelly)



Jim McKellvey, Joe Mariani, Don Peterson, Kate Scucciarini, Mike Herman.                      


50/50 Drawing June 3rd

Dave Weyant, King of hearts.

“Heavy grows the golden pot

 As each week parts and a winner there’s not.”

(You’ve got to have hearts! May 20, Ace; May  27, Queen; and June 3, King! No joker)

(The pot is now????)



Curt Brewer – June 19th.

    “Lets wish a happy birthday to good

         Rotarian Curt;

    I’d reveal his longevity, but that could cost 

         Me my shirt!”                          


Brags – June 3rd

(Todd Brown subbed for Bill Stone)

Cathy Kelly, Jim Whaley, Millie Ulrich, Jack Emmer, Dave Weyant, Pat Flynn, Ben Burillo, Coach Bobby Ross, Curt Brewer, Harold Spaeth, Ann Horner, Gus Fishburne,

Kate Scucciarini, Anne Lennox, Roy Spells, Dave Monroe, Bobbie Fallon, Jim Donnelly, Ren Wallen, and Steve Scott


Club Attendance Statistics                                      

Membership - 48

May 27th attendance – 27

May attendance- 55%


Special Notes Of Interest

The new slate of officers were installed on Wednesday, June 9, 2004 at reception in the Hotel Thayer. (More next week.)


Youth Exchange Letter – Either send someone to other country or post someone. $500.00 for outbound and $1500.00 for inbound students.

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