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March 11, 2004


Today’s GreeterRoy Spells

Today’s Prayer Bearer – Al Fox

Today’s Program – Capt. Linisky, Opr.Iraqi Freedom.


Rotary Last Week        







Up! Up! And away!   Shown above are the flight crew of “Huey 201” last Friday as they prepared to take off from “The Plain”, on the next leg of their 6 – 8 week journey to the Dallas Texas Smithsonian. “Huey” will join other legendary aircraft in retirement. On Thursday at the meeting we were honored to have Maj. Gen. Dick Stevenson and the airmen and women involved in this, “The Children Of Tomorrow” project. Approximately 20 members joined us for the meeting. Let’s tip our hats to Jim Whaley for arranging this excellent program.


Rotary Dist. 7210 Pres. Elect training  on  Seminar Sat. March 6 at Best Western Hotel, Poughkeepsie. Pres Elect & Sec’y to attend.

Any Spare change? Phil Brillante is raising funds. He’s passing a large jar and hopes to fill it. Help Phil win the “Penny War” with interact.

Board Meetings -  3rd Wednesday of month  at Highland Falls Library.             


Visiting Rotarians

Judy Ratley from the Dunmuir, CA club and

Don Ratley, Mt. Shosta  CA club.


Club Postings




Fred Lewis, Cornwall Computers  (Bill Stone)                         


50/50 Winner – March 4th

Gerry Sheehan was the winner. He drew the “9 of clubs”. The pot is?? (fughedaboutit)



Holger Bernhardt – March 11th                                           

Steve Klegka         -  March 11th

Rob Gordon III    -  March 15th

Millie Ulrich          -  March 17th


Last Weeks Brags – March 4th

Harold Spaeth, Shirley Bonsell, Phil Brillante, Dave Weyant,  Curt Brewer, Josh Brewer, Don Sagaria, Roy Spells, Mike Moss, Cathy Kelly, , Gerald Sheehan,

Ren Wallen & Bill Higgins


Club Attendance Statistics                                                   

Membership - 47

February 19th attendance – 29

February attendance- 60%


Special Notes Of Interest

Looking Ahead – The Dinner Theatre is on April 17th 2004 in Eisenhower Hall. – $75.00. (Dinner 5:00 p.m., Showtime 8:00 p.m.) Enjoy “The Sound of Music” after a good meal!

New Windsor/Cornwall club Fund Raiser – Saturday, May 16, 2-5 p.m. $300 Club.- Final drawing March 24 at Vassar, wine/cheese reception.

Top Hat Award – Blooming Grove club – April 25 at the Eagles Nest. District Governor passes the hat.

Youth Exchange Letter – Either send someone to other country or post someone. $500.00 for outbound and $1500.00 for inbound students.

District 10 food pantry: Join the “feed the hungry” campaign. Bring your canned goods, etc. in with you this month.  Tuna, peas, dry packaged goods are also requested.

Poughkeepsie Club – A group study going to Brazil in May for 3 weeks. If you’re between 25-40 years of age and interested, shout!

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