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Meetings are held 7:30 a.m. Thursdays at Hotel Thayer

March 25, 2004


Today’s Greeter – Geoff Louis

Today’s Prayer Bearer – Rob Gordon

Today’s Program – Business Meeting


Notable March 25th In History.

Civil War! 1865 – Confederate Gen. Rob’t E. Lee makes Ft. Stedman his last attack of the war in a desperate attempt to break out of Petersburg, VA. The attack failed,

and within a week Lee was evacuating his position around Petersburg.   


Rotary Last Week       

LTC. Dave Jones (Values Outreach Program) (In search of ethics)

Col, Jones gave a most interesting and inspiring address on Character, leadership, integrity and the ability to know what is right, desire what is right and DO what is right in your life.

This should be practiced, not only by Cadets, but also by persons in all walks of life, and the world will be a better place to live in for all!


Phil Brillante’s spare change jug is now full and he’s still counting! Thanks to all for your help in the “penny war” with interact.


Board Meetings - President Cathy reported on the March 17th meeting: At the Presidents meeting we were the lowest club in attendance. Also, Rotary Int’l is working on

“Polio in Africa”.  – Grant Matches – “Judy” said save brags bucks ‘till end of April.


Visiting Rotarians



Club Postings






50/50 Winner – March 18th

Guest speaker LTC Dave. Jones was the winner. He drew the 4 of spades. The pot is $104.00. He was the guest of Farrell Patrick.



Steve Scott – March 30th                   

 “March is close to ending; its ‘Ides’ have

           Come and gone,

So lets wish Steve a “Happy Birthday”-

           And let the Sun shine on!”


Last Weeks Brags – March 11th

Bill Stone, Cathy Kelly, Phil Brillante, Josh Brewer, Ann Horner, Gus Fishburne, Roy Spells, Dave Monroe, Adam Nogrady, Bob Lewis, Millie Ulrich, Harold Spaeth, Bill

Higgins, Steve Scott, Farrell Patrick and Dave Weyant.


Club Attendance Statistics                                                    

Membership - 48

March 18th attendance – 19

March attendance- 40%


Special Notes Of Interest

Looking Ahead – The Dinner Theatre!        The 17th of April stands out tall:

    Hear “The Sound Of Music” at Ike Hall!

Have dinner at five - see the show at eight,

    Hurry up – don’t be late!

For seventy-five bucks you can’t go wrong,

    And ‘fore it’s over - you’ll break into song!


New Windsor/Cornwall club Fund Raiser – Saturday, May 16, 2-5 p.m. $300 Club.- Final drawing March 24 at Vassar, wine/cheese reception.

Top Hat Award – Blooming Grove club – April 25 at the Eagles Nest. District Governor passes the hat.

Youth Exchange Letter – Either send someone to other country or post someone. $500.00 for outbound and $1500.00 for inbound students.

Poughkeepsie Club – A group study going to Brazil in May for 3 weeks. If you’re between 25-40 years of age and interested, shout!


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