Rotary Club of West Point-Highland Falls, NY

Meetings are held 7:30 a.m. Thursdays at Hotel Thayer

May 27, 2004


Today’s Greeter – Brian Andreichuk

Today’s Prayer Bearer – Don Sagaria

Today’s Program – Business Meeting


Notable May 20th in History – (Last Week)

2004 - Vince Lindenmeyer informed the membership that this is his last meeting before leaving on assignment to Egypt. We wish him Godspeed. He’ll be missed.

     “The Nile, forever new and old,

       Among the living and the dead,

       Its mighty, mystic stream has rolled.

                                           - Longfellow   


Rotary Last Week

This was an open meeting, at which several items were discussed: One, Dave Monroe reminded the members that he would be the forthcoming program chairman effective July 1. He would appreciate any ideas and input to assist him in his new duty.  

B.J. Bailey is also leaving today. There will be a ceremony for him in Bldg. 606, first door on right after entering the building. All invited.

It was also uncertain if Cadet Ryan Edwards will attend next week’s meeting to accept the Rotary Service Award, due to expected activity regarding graduation. ????

Installation Reception - The Installation Reception for the incoming officers will be held on the 9th of June at 5 p.m. at the Hotel Thayer.            


Visiting Rotarians

Eugene Bolozlovski – Florida.                                        

(He brought a little sunshine with him.)


Club Posting

Third Posting, Pat Flynn – (Curt Brewer)



Michael Herman of Ft. Montgomery was the guest of Brian Andreichuk.


50/50 Drawing May 20th

“John McLellan drew the Queen of hearts,

(And the joker still hides after several false starts!”)

                      (The pot is now?)





Brags – May 20th

Bill Stone resumed his duty, and the braggers were: Cecelia Solomon, Mike Moss, Josh Brewer, Dave Monroe, Harold Spaeth, Eugene Boloslovski, Vince Lindenmeyer, Don Sagaria, Roy Spells, Gerry Sheehan, Anne Lennox, Farrell Patrick, Jim Donelly, Steve Scott, Cathy Kelly, Bill Higgins, Phil Brillante, and Josh Brewer.


Club Attendance Statistics

Membership - 48

May 20th attendance – 28

May attendance- 60%


Special Notes Of Interest

Looking Back

May 15th was Rotary Cleanup Day – The annual cleanup kicked off at the Town Of Highlands Ambulance Corps building at 9 a.m.

Rotary Park sparkled as our group did their thing!  (For Sale – 1 used rake, missing teeth!)

Looking Ahead

Youth Exchange Letter – Either send someone to other country or post someone. $500.00 for outbound and $1500.00 for inbound students.

Poughkeepsie Club – A group study going to Brazil in May for 3 weeks. If you’re between 25-40 years of age and interested, shout! (Time is quickly running out)

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