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Meetings are held 7:30 a.m. Thursdays at Hotel Thayer

November 6, 2003


Notable Historic November 6th’s

1921 – “The Sheik” opens, launching the cult of Rudolph Valentino.  The silent film

 “The Sheik” opened this day to negative reviews. Despite this, the movie and its

exotic star caught the attention of women across the country, who were soon literally

swooning in the aisles at Valentino movies.

1861 – Jefferson Davis is elected president of the Confederate States of America. He

ran without opposition, and his election simply confirmed a decision made by the

Confederate Congress earlier in the year.


Today’s greeter – Harold Spaeth

Today’s Prayer Bearer – Adam Nogrady

Today’s Program – Unannounced


Rotary Last Week   

This was a business meeting. Members were finalizing their fruit orders with Bill Stone, 

and the deadline fast approaches. Due date is next week or the week after.

Biency Rosa - announced that a job fair will be held in the Highland Falls firehouse on

Saturday, Nov. 15th, sponsored by the Hudson Valley Women’s Assn. Biency

volunteered to be the rep. from Rotary.

Phil Brillante mentioned donating old telephones to campaign against domestic

violence, and Mike Moss spoke about stamps at the Post Office dealing with

domestic violence.

Steve Scott – Will attend the Rotary Leadership session on November 22nd.

Looking Ahead - Dinner Theatre – April 27th 2004 – “The Sound of Music”.


Guests – Visiting Rotarians



Club Postings

John McLellan –3rd posting

Proposed by Farrell Patrick 


50/50 Winner         

Harold Spaeth – 5 of diamonds

The Pot now contains $675.00

There are six cards plus the joker left.





This Weeks Brags

Farrell Patrick, Cecilia Solomon, Mike Moss, Phil Brillante, Adam Nogrady,

Josh Brewer, Harold Spaeth, Ann Horner, Ren Wallen, Biency Rosa, Jim Donnelly,

Steve Scott, Cathy Kelly, Bill Stone, Kurt Brewer, Todd Browne.


Club Attendance Statistics  

Membership - 48

October 23 attendance – 23

October 2003 attendance 64%


Special Notes Of Interest

Again,  Phil Brillante and Bill Stone send final?  reminder about the fruit sale.

Please see  Bill Stone at the meeting with your



Farmers Market T.O.H. West Point. 9:00

3:00 pm. Highland Falls Municipal Parking

lot Opposite West Point Visitors Center.

Ends next weekend. Bulletin: it’s been extended 2 more Weeks until mid November..)


Computer Classes – Being held in Highland

Falls Middle School on Mountain Avenue.

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