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Meetings are held 7:30 a.m. Thursdays at Hotel Thayer

November 9, 2006


Today’s Greeter – Harold Spaeth

Today’s Prayer

Today’s Program - Patrick Donovan, Small Bus. Rel. Mgr. & Laurie Sottolano, H.F. Branch Mgr, HSBC


Last Weeks Program

Joe Sottolano, Head Coach of Baseball at the USMA, gave a rousing presentation of his philosophy on both coaching, general recruiting, future recruiting and revenue producers. No, Joe doesn’t possess the “Philosophers Stone”, an imaginary stone or substance capable of transmuting the baser metals into gold, long ago sought by alchemists; but he does have the wisdom, judgement and actions of the philosopher with patience & fortitude under all circumstances, thereby producing shining examples on the baseball  diamond!  Great program, Joe!


Phil Brillante’s Safety Tip

“Phil wasn’t here but he thinks of us,

   During his travel’s, by air or bus,

His thoughts follow those from last week,

  With roads so dark daylight can’t peek.

So use great care, especially at dusk,

   For the upcoming night we cannot trust!


Holy Innocents Thrift Shop will be operating every Thurs. 10 am to 1 pm.

The Holy Innocents food pantry, 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month.

Sacred Heart food pantry & Thrift Shop. Open 10am – 1pm.

(Money will supplement food donations.)


Prez Jerry’s Pushcart - Jerry says:

“ A Thanksgiving dinner that’s soon to be

     Will surely be spread for you and me!

  But - turkey gravy is known to stain,

      So buy a new shoit - then wear it again!


Update on What’s  Doing ‘round Rotary!

Soldiers Fund. –Jerry Working out statistics!

Candidates - needed for Dist. Governor.

Rotary Leadership Institute – Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel, Nov. 18th.

Kent Cassella & Dave Monroe – Are Doing great job on “Around Rotary” column. News of the Highlands.

Phil Brillante – Interact still rolling along.

Shirley Bonsell – Outdid herself with her tailgate basket creation! A real prize!


Visiting Rotarians & Guests

Sal & Annmarie Fiducia – (Judy Ferguson)

(Sal & Annmarie are proposed members.)


50/50Drawing November 2nd

“Marge”- 6 of diamonds

(How much is in the pot, please?)


Happy Birthdays

November 6 – Patty Steinmetz

November 11 – Jerry Sheehan                            

 (Let’s sing it loud and sing it merry,

        A “Happy Birthday’ to Patty & Jerry!)



Kent Cassella, Curt Brewer, Buddy Blackman, Don Sagaria, Dave Monroe, Bill Stone, Bill Higgins, Steve Scott, Jerry Sheehan, Coach Sottolano, Annmarie Fiducia, Sal, Kathy Kelly, Kate Squicciarini, Roy Spells, Dave Weyant


Upcoming Programs

November 16th – Business Meeting

November 23 – Thanksgiving (No Meeting, plenty of eating!)



Nov. 2. 2006 – 20 attendees (51%)

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