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November 18, 2004


Today’s Greeter - Ann Horner

Today’s Prayer Bearer – Shirley Bonsell

Today’s Program – Business Meeting.


Notable November 18th In History

1863 – Lincoln Travels To Gettysburg, Pa.

Because his son Tad had a fever, President Abraham Lincoln most reluctantly boarded a train to Gettysburg to deliver a short address. He briefly spoke during the dedication

of the cemetery for the soldiers who were killed there during the battles of July 1-3. It was perhaps the most famous speech ever made in American History!

(Four score & seven years, etc.)


Rotary Last Week – November 4, 2004

The meeting evoked the adjective’s sadness, confusion and heroism as LTC Mark Conroe related the incidents involving the terrorist bombing attack on the Destroyer

USS Cole in Yemen on Oct. 12, 2000. The Lack of both understanding and being able to speak Arabic proved to be the bane of personnel responding to the scene, and in the

rescue and recovery efforts thereafter. (Note: This was the second program in a series being presented by Col. “Woody” Held from the foreign languages Dept.) Excellent!

Debra Zedalis and Kent Cassella were officially “pinned” into the club by Brian Crawford and Todd Browne respectively.


Upcoming Club Events

Fruit Sale –Bill Stone said fruit sale is now underway! $23.00 per case. Stay tuned!

U.N. Day Tour –Young Rotarians –12/6. 

Phil Brillante will speak on interact.

Dinner Theater. – Still being discussed.

Christmas! - Reminder - The Christmas luncheon will be held on December 16th.   Help needed: Committee positions available There will be no large raffle,  Just the usual one.

Fund raising raffle to be held later on.


Jerry Sheehan Reports – We still have Ben Birillo’s artistically created Statue of Liberty

Scarves. With the holiday’s rolling around, they make a nice gift. All profits to the club!


Club Postings

2nd  Tom Buning -   (Todd Browne)


Visiting Rotarians




Alan Hirsch – (Highland Falls.)


Other Clubs’ Activities

District 7210 Educational Seminar,

Saturday, 11/13/04 at Best Western

Hotel/Motel in Poughkeepsie.


50/50 Drawing November 4, 2004

Cathy Kelly – 4 of Clubs.

And the pot is still building with $200.00



Josh Brewer – November 19th

 “Happy birthday, Rotarian Josh Brewer” (We’d sing to your Dad, but you’re a lot newer.)                                                             



“Woody” Held, Jack Emmer, Harold Spaeth, Brian Crawford, Gus Fishburne, Phil Brillante, Dave Weyant, Alan Hirsch, Todd Browne, Don Sagaria, Roy Spells,

Farrell Patrick, Jim Donnelly.


Club Attendance Statistics

Membership - 51

November 4th attendance – ?

November attendance - 59%


Upcoming Programs

Nov. 11  (Veterans Day –No Meeting)

Nov. 18   Business Meeting

Nov. 25    (Thanksgiving – No meeting)

Dec. 2      TBD

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