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October 6, 2005


Today’s Greeter – Bill Higgins

Today’s Prayer Bearer – Roy Spells

Today’s Program – B.G. Finnegan, Dean of the Academic Board


Rotary Last Week, September 22nd

Attorney Lori-Currier Woods, Children’s Rights Society from Monroe, N.Y. gave a very interesting presentation on Criminal & Family law and the workings of Family Court, Children’s Court in Goshen, NY and some of the problems she’s faced. Among her many credentials are her degrees from SW University School of Law, Los Angeles, California. 


Second Posting - This was the second posting for proposed member Vince McDermott. (Proposed by Gus Fishburne.)      


 Phil Brillante’s Safety News:

“Safety tape is in, Phil said with a grin,

    It’s a product that really handy;

It plugs the leaks and lasts for weeks

 ‘Till that plumber arrives - it’s just dandy!”

(Kidding aside, Phil informed us to go to web site for a catalogue.)


Newsie News:  Remember!

Tom Enders: “We’ll host the Exchange Students from England at the Triple A Lodge on Saturday, October 8th.


Newsie Note:  “Take your surreys, trains or trolleys to see ‘Will Rogers Follies.” This is the selection for the dinner-theatre show on January 8, 2006.  Cost to be determined.

The Holy Innocents Church thrift shop     will be operating every Thurs. 10 am to 1 pm. 

The Holy Innocents food pantry, 2nd & 4th Wednesday of month.

Sacred Heart Thrift Shop open 10am – 2pm; (4:30 Thursdays.)


Jerry Sheehan’s Pushcart  Jerry says:

“The leaves are turning, fall’s here at last,

 So buy a new jacket, their goin’ real fast.”


Other Club’s Activities:

Also! – Warwick Valley Club is presenting their ‘250’ Club. All proceeds to benefit the District’s Raise the Roof campaign in Granada. At the business meeting on 9/21, the board voted to contribute $500 to this effort.



Helen Gunza – Guest of Alan Hirsch


Visiting Rotarians



50/50 Drawing –September 22nd

Marge – 6 of hearts -

‘And the pot grows bigger!’





Brags (September 22nd)

Phil Brillante, Josh Brewer, Diana Cole, Mike Herman, “Buddy” Blackman, Kate Squicciarini, Alan Hirsch, Vince McDermott, Don Sagaria, Shirley Bonsell, Mike Moss,

Cecile Solomon, Ren Wallen, John McLellan, Dave Weyant, Dave Monroe, Speaker Lorri Woods


Upcoming Programs

Oct. 13th – Buddy Blackman – Fair Tax Act

Oct. 20th – Business Meeting

Oct.27 – Michael Donovan – Int‘l Policy Task Force


Upcoming Prayer Bearers

Oct. 6th - Roy Spells

Oct 13th – Bob Wilson

Oct. 20th -Deb Zedalis



September 29 Attendance - 29 

Sept. monthly percentage 58%

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