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Meetings are held 7:30 a.m. Thursdays at Hotel Thayer

October 7, 2004


Today’s Greeter  - Cathy Kelly

Today’s Prayer Bearer – Cathy Kelly

Today’s Program – “Reid Sawyer – Combating Terrorism Center”.                                  

Rotary Last Week – September 30

If it seemed we were going to the dogs at the meeting, that’s a slight misinterpretation. They came to us!  Ann Horner, husband Col. Thom Weafer , Son Jack, and Companion dog “Justine”, related how they attended a course on Long Island, “Canines For Independence”. They trained with Justine, who is part Lab/Retriever and is a skilled companion dog. She can almost speak. The school trains dogs who assist persons with various disabilities, such as hearing, etc. (They don’t train Seeing Eye dogs.)  Ann also showed a training video.  A Superb program!


Upcoming Club Events

‘Walk To Iraq” – Kick off.  Oct. 28, 4-6 pm,

West Point Ski Lodge.  (See flyer)

Pres. Roy Spells again announced that October 9th will be the Exchange Students’ Football game.  Josh Brewer has placed all the students who will be attending the game.. 

October 9 - Fruit Sale –Phil Brillante – No word yet from Florida re: citrus          No crop. No more Hurricanes, please!

U.N. Day Tour –Young Rotarians –12/6.

Phil Brillante will speak on interact.

Dinner Theater. –More on this later.

Flyer Distributed - Ft. Montgomery Battle site events for October 9. Lecture, breakfast & lunch at Nicole’s, $25 per.

Fund Raising: Mike Moss hosting a meeting 4:30 pm Monday at Museum. Bring ideas.

Christmas! - Mike Moss again gave a reminder that the Christmas luncheon will be held on December 16th.  Help needed: Committee positions available -entertainment & raffle. Farrell Patrick suggests charging tickets from Christmas lunch.

Jerry Sheehan reports:Ben Birillo’s Patriotic “Statue Of Liberty” scarf’s still selling.   (Proceeds to the club.)

Jerry also has both gray and white male and female shirts with Rotary Logo.  (Nice gifts?)


Club Postings

1st – Ken Cassella – Proposed by Jim Whaley                     


Visiting Rotarians




Debra Zedalis – Guest of Brian Crawford

Liz Harrington & Heide Smith -Don Sagaria)

      (Liz & Heide spoke on “Walk To Iraq.”)


Other Clubs’ Activities

District 7210 Educational Seminar,

Saturday, 11/13/04 at Best Western

Hotel/Motel in Poughkeepsie.


50/50 Drawing September 30, 2004

Jim Whaley – 7 of Hearts.

  (..and the pot is still building with $169.00+)



B.J. Bailey – October 10th



 “Woody” Held, Dave Monroe, Cathy Kelly, Jim Whaley, Ann Horner, Don Sagaria, Cecelia Solomon, Adam Nogrady, Phil Brillante, Brian Crawford, Mike Moss, Curt Brewer, Farrell Patrick, Josh Brewer, Ren Wallen, Al Fox, Roy Spells, Bill Higgins,

 & Kate Squicciarini.


Club Attendance Statistics

Membership - 51

September 23, attendance –30

Sept. attendance- 60%


Upcoming Programs

Oct. 14 –Nancy Calhoun, NY State Assembly.

 (Also,  visitors from Iraq will briefly speak)       

Oct. 21 – Jim Witt - WHUD Meteorologist

Oct. 28 – Anne Lennox (On site at Qtrs 100)

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