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October 9, 2003


Notable October 9th In Recent History

1992 – “The Malibu and the Meteorite”

Thousands of people in the Eastern U.S. witnessed an above-average size meteorite enter the Earth’s atmosphere  with a sonic boom and burst into flames as it streaked over several states.  It flew over an open stadium before crashing in Peekskill, N.Y., a small city 50 miles north of New York City. The 30 pound meteorite struck a 1980 Chevrolet Malibu parked in a driveway, penetrating the trunk. The owner of the auto expressed wonder that an

object in orbit around the Sun for millions of years wound up in his trunk, but worried if his insurance would cover the damage.


Today's Greeter –   Gerry Sheehan

Today's Prayer Bearer – Phillip Brilliante

Today's Program  - Mr. Don Segaria – Community



Rotary Last Week

President Cathy Kelly  - Introduced District Governor Knut Johnsen who said this was the 100th anniversary of Rotary, and he’s looking forward to the next 100 yrs! He presented

Pres. Cathy with a banner that reads “Lend A Hand”. He described the Paul Harris scholarship program as well as various projects underway. .

President Cathy also introduced  the staff and students from O’Neill H.S. involved in “interact”. They were: Christen Byrnes, Pres.,

Andrea Saylor, V.P., Patrick Leahy, Sec., and Wendy Montellese, Treas. They were escorted by Dr. Art Fisher, Asst. Principal at O’Neill and Dave Sutton, Interact Coordinator,

O’Neill H.S.


Reminder – Again,. There have been 22 responses for shirts , etc. See Gerry Sheehan so he knows what items you want.


Community Closet – Some members brought coats for the Community closet program in Newburgh.


Visiting Rotarians

Tom Woodhull, Newburgh, John Mcgloin, Warwick                                                     


Club Postings   0



John McLellan (Guest of Farrell Patrick)


50/50 Winner  

Holger Bernhardt – 2 of hearts                                

There are 11 cards plus the joker left.

The pot now stands at: $541.00


Birthdays –                                             

Broderick B.J. Bailey – October 10th

          “Those born on 10 October

                           Are astute. Witty and always sober!”                           


This Weeks Brags-

Cathy Kelly, Josh Brewer, Don Segaria, Roy Spells, Dave Monroe,  Adam Nogrady, , Judy Ferguson, Phil Brillante,  Brian Andreichuk, Bob Gordon, Steve Scott, Kurt Brewer,  Rich Cortell, Ron Salvatore, Cecilia Solomon, Ren Wallen,  Shirley Bonsell,  Ann Horner and Jack Emmer.


Club Attendance Statistics

Membership – 47

October 9 attendance – 26

September 2003 attendance – 62 1/2%         


Special Notes Of Interest

Again - Reminder!  From Phillip Brillante  Keep the fruit sale in mind. Encourage sales to other clubs. Visit other clubs to encourage them to participate in this fund raiser.  Handout were distributed, so start selling now!  Nov. 3 is the deadline, and the fruit arrives on Nov. 20                                                             

It’s hoped that each member will sell at least 10 boxes of oranges or grapefruit.

MESSAGE FROM BILL STONE  -   Flu season coming. Eat plenty of fruit to ward it off! (The flu, not the season.)                                   


Farmers Market T.O.H. West Point. 9:00 – 3:00 pm    July thru Oct. Highland Falls Municipal Parking lot opposite West Point Visitors Center     


Computer Classes will be starting again in the Highland Falls Middle School on Mountain Ave.

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