Rotary Club of West Point-Highland Falls, NY

Meetings are held 7:30 a.m. Thursdays at Hotel Thayer

October 12, 2006


Today’s Greeter

Today’s Prayer Bearer – Judy Ferguson

Today’s Program - To Be Announced


Last Week’s Program

Dr. David Baker - Vision 2002, Town of Highlands. This proved to be a “soaring” experience as Dr. Baker described and showed slides of the ‘Brooks Park Project’, an effort by the community oriented “Vision” club of the Town of Highlands, to restore this unique portion of the Palisades Park to its magnificent splendor, where trails lead to sights that boggle the imagination. Dr. Baker, himself a Naturalist, described the various birds one might encounter while exploring this unique portion of the Hudson Highlands. A truly great program enjoyed by all!


Due! Due! Due! (Dues, that is!)


October 14-The membership was informed that the new weather calendars would be sold at our table at the Fall Foliage Festival on Main St., Highland falls from 9am to closing. Volunteers needed! The calendars boldly display our club’s name as well as great pictures. They will sell for $7.00 per.


News Article: Our third news article appeared in the News of The Highlands on Friday, Oct. 6th. Great article by our news team!


Phil Brillante’s Safety Tip:

Household cleaning products! Read instructions carefully when using

household products, especially safety!    Many dangerous ingredients are contained in some. Use goggles, gloves, and most important, keep out of reach of children. Phil distributed a great handout. Read it!


Holy Innocents Thrift Shop will be operating every Thurs. 10 am to 1 pm.

The Holy Innocents food pantry, 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month.

Sacred Heart food pantry & Thrift Shop. Open 10am – 1pm.

(Money will supplement food donations.)


Prez Jerry’s Pushcart - Jerry says:

“Last week, if you thought you felt a chill,

Buy a new jacket – I’ll surely send the bill!”


Once Again, here’s What’s  Doing around!

Rotary Foundation Dinner – Gala on Nov 5th, West Point Officers Club

United Nations trip – Nov. 4th

Rotary Leadership Institute – Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel, Nov. 18th

Phil Brillante – Interact moving again!

Senior Action Comm. Gus & Dave on top!


Visiting Rotarians & Guests

Ann & Sal Fiducia (Guests of Judy Ferguson)

Angela McLellan (Better half of John!)


50/50 Drawing Sept. 21, 2006

Harold Spaeth – Jack of Clubs

Harold won the “safety” prize.


Happy Birthdays

None again? Aw shucks!


Brags October 5, 2006

Woody Held, Vince McDermott, Dave Monroe, Judy Ferguson, Bill Stone, Josh Brewer, Buddy Blackman, Don Sagaria, Phil Brillante, Shirley Bonsell, John McLellan, Steve Scott,

Jerry Sheehan, Bill Higgins, Dave Weyant


Upcoming Programs

October 19 – Business Meeting



October 5, 2006 – 25 attend Percent - 61%

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