Rotary Club of West Point-Highland Falls, NY

Meetings are held 7:30 a.m. Thursdays at Hotel Thayer

October 30, 2003


      Notable Historic October 30th Headline

      1929 – STOCKS COLLAPSE IN 

      16,410,030 - SHARE DAY, BUT RALLY




      Stock prices virtually collapsed yesterday,

      swept downward with gigantic losses in the

      most disastrous trading day in the stock

      market’s history. The New York Times


      Today’s greeter – Harold Spaeth

      Today’s Prayer Bearer – Bobbie Fallon

      Today’s Program – Business Meeting


                  Rotary Last Week   

      This was an “open meeting” at which

       much was discussed. Among the items

       were: Steve Scott, seeking recruits to help

       at the W.P. Library this coming Sat. “Books

       For Iraq.” 8 - 12 noon.

       Rotary leadership Instruction – to be held

      11/22/03 at the Best Western in

      Poughkeepsie, NY . Route 9.

      Rotary Foundation Conference – To be

      held in Arden House, 10:30 a.m.11/01/03 –

      3 hours.

      Gerry Sheehan was unanimously voted to

      fill an existing vacation on the board of


      Announcement   Orange County Office

      for the aging is seeking a replacement for a

      person who has provided free tax assistance

      for senior citizens in the Highland Falls

      community. Contact: Anne M. Coon, Dist.

       Coordinator @ 845-291-2157.


             Guests – Visiting Rotarians

       Joe Freeman, Austin Texas club

       Bruce Cohen, New Windsor/Cornwall


                                 Club Postings

                         John McLellan –2nd posting

                        (Proposed by Farrell Patrick 


                              50/50 Winner          

                 Don Sagaria – King of spades

                 The Pot is now $601.00 +

                 There are seven cards plus the

                  joker left.




              Phil Brillante – On Wed. October 29.

              (Phil had to leave early last week, -           

                          so we repeat:J)

   “Best wishes & cheers in these lines we instill,

   As we sing Happy Birthday to our friend Phil”


                         This Weeks Brags

    Bill Stone, Phil Brillante, Cathy Kelly, Don

    Sagaria,  Josh Brewer, Gerald Sheehan,

    Dave Monroe, Jim Whaley, Steve Scott,

    Farrell Patrick.


             Club Attendance Statistics                                                   

                   Membership - 48

                  October 23 attendance – 27

                  October 2003 attendance 64%


                 Special Notes Of Interest

       Phil Brillante and Bill Stone send another

       reminder about the fruit sale. Please see

       Bill Stone at the meeting with your order.


    Farmers Market T.O.H. West Point. 9:00

    3:00 pm. Highland Falls Municipal Parking

    lot Opposite West Point Visitors Center.

    Ends next weekend!


    Computer Classes – Being held in Highland

     Falls Middle School on Mountain Avenue.


       Quarterly dues are due – See Dave Weyant

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