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Meetings are held 7:30 a.m. Thursdays at Hotel Thayer

September 25, 2003


Notable Historic Personage

‘Hermann the German’ – (Lat. Arminius) 17 B.C. –A.D 21 – Germanic Chieftain – Utterly defeated three Roman armies under Publius Quintilius Varus at Teutoburg Wald in A.D. 9 , causing

Caesar Augustus to awaken from nightmares crying out, “Varus,  give me back my Legions!” . In 1875 a colossal statue of Arminius was set up in the forest near the spot where he defeated Varus.


Today's Greeter – Judy Ferguson

Today's Prayer Bearer –

Today's Program  - Business Meeting


 Rotary Last Week –  Business Meeting


President Cathy Kelly passed out handout for the Rotary Tailgate, Army vs. S. Florida on Sept. 27.. Return by Sept 19th.

President Cathy also said that the District conference is this weekend. It will be both social and informational; a chance to get to know members of the clubs.

Reminder – Give logo sheets to .Gerry Sheehan so he knows what we want.

Student Exchange – Need volunteers. Cathy & Josh Brewer discussed this. Josh passed flyer around again. . Housing is still required for several students for Sept 26 – 28.

Steve Scott proudly displayed a new podium which was placed into service at the meeting. .He also has Rotary Bumpers Stickers for sale! See him for these fine Rotary boosters.


Visiting Rotarians                                                         

Bruce Cohen – New Windsor/Cornwall Club                                         


Club Postings -                                                              



50/50 Winner  

Adam Nogrady – Jack Of Diamonds

There are 13 cards plus the Joker left.

The pot now stands at: $492.00


Jack Emmer Led Last Week’s Brags:

Cathy Kelly, Josh Brewer, Steve Scott, Roy Spells,  Dave Monroe,  Shirley Bonsell ,  Adam Nogrady, Cecilia Solomon, Harold Spaeth, Phil Brillante, Ren Wallen, Bobbie Fallon, Ann Horn, Mike Moss, Millie Ulrich, Kurt Brewer, Todd Brown and Jim Donnelly.


Birthdays This Week                                                                   

Tues. Sept 30 – Ron Salvatore.       

“The thirtieth day of September        

Is a date Ron will always remember!”


Club Attendance Statistics

Membership – 46

September 18th attendance – 32

August 2003 attendance –70%         


Special Notes Of Interest

Again - Reminder!  From Phillip Brillante  Keep the fruit sale in mind. Encourage sales to other clubs. Visit other clubs to encourage them to participate in this fund raiser.  Handout were distributed, so start selling now!  Nov. 3 is the deadline, and the fruit arrives on Nov. 20                                                             


Farmers Market T.O.H. West Point. 9:00 – 3:00 pm    July thru Oct. Highland Falls Municipal

Parking lot opposite West Point Visitors Center     


Rotary Tailgate Football Game

Sept. 27th is the date for the tailgate game. Josh Brewer will coordinate the exchange students. Tom Enders is working on tickets & location. New Rochelle Rotary club wants to join us for this event

Josh Brewer said there are 4 or 5 placements needed for exchange students.

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