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Meetings are held 7:30 a.m. Thursdays at Hotel Thayer

July 8, 2004


Today’s Greeter – Jack Emmer

Today’s Prayer Bearer – Millie Ulrich

Today’s Program – Trisha Hannigan – Big Bros./Big Sisters/ Friends working together.


Un-Notable July 8th In History! – Crime.

1898 – Jefferson “Soapy” Smith, one of the most notorious con men in the history of the West, was shot & killed in Skagway, Alaska during the gold rush, while trying to “crash” a vigilante meeting to convince the townsfolk he wasn’t a crook. One of his ‘con’s’ included placing a $100 bill into a tissue wrapped soap bar and selling similar bars for $5.00 each, assuring the crowd that there were other $100 bills in other bars. A confederate would joyfully “win” the bar with the $100 bill, thus stimulating the sale of bars containing nothing but soap to the gold miners.   


Rotary Last Week  - Open Meeting                  

President Roy Spells said that Kevin Cogan Emailed. He chartered the Carlyle Sunshine club. Will visit us this fall.

Committee’s  need volunteers to assist.

Scott Wheeler club – Books for Guatemala.

Cathy Kelly described Committee’s that care. Community support and a safe environment for raising kids are paramount.  There are a number of familiar names, not only Big Brothers and Sisters, which are available. Next meeting for Big Bros. & Sisters is July 14th at the Town Of Highlands Amb. Corps.

Phil Brillante described his visit to the Mt. Vernon VA club. 1t presently contains 18 members. He brought back a newsletter from the club, which is very well done.  

Ben Birillo has designed a patriotic Statue Of Liberty scarf. See Gerry Sheehan if your interested in obtaining one.                    


Boat Ride - Gus Fishburne announced the date of the annual boat ride, which is 6 p.m. Aug 29 at $20.00 per. (The week before Labor Day).


New Members - 0


Visiting Rotarians -

The Reverend Tom Margrave, Cortland, NY was previously in Cornwall, NY club. (Ren Wallen’s guest.)         .


Club Postings  -  None 



Diana Cole, Postmaster, Ft. Montgomery

 (Guest of Mike Herman.)


50/50 Drawing July 1st.

Bill Higgins – 8 of diamonds The pot is now???



7/12  Judy Ferguson & Cecilia Solomon                             

7/13  Jack Emmer.                               “Cecilia, Jack & Judy, it is our pleasant duty                        

To sing a song when birthday’s come along ‘Cause we’re part of your birthday booty!”


Brags, July 1st

Bill Stone, Cathy Kelly, Phil Brillante, Jerry Sheehan, Curt Brewer, Millie Ulrich, Dave Monroe, Ren Wallen, Steve Scott, Roy Spells, Cecelia Solomon, Farrel Patrick,

Rev. Tom Margrave, Josh Brewer, Harold Spaeth, Gus Fishburne, Dave Weyant.


Club Attendance Statistics                                      

Membership - 51

July 1st attendance – 22

June attendance- 43%


Upcoming Programs

July 15 – Ross Bartholomew – Salvation Army.

July 22 – Jeff Rohrlick – Center for teaching excellence.

July 29 – Business Meeting

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